Veteran Art Summit

The Emerging Veteran Artist Movement Assembled Creative Exhibitions of Performance, Sculpture and Images, on Display through the End of July in Chicago

Photo Essay By Fanny Garcia

These photos were taken at the National Veterans Art Museum (NVAM) Veteran Art Summit, held in Chicago May 3 - 5, 2019. As part of the inaugural NVAM Triennial, the Art Summit brought some 50 veteran artists from around the country together to share art, ideas, participate in hands-on workshops, and celebrate the growing community. This text was Edited by Kevin Basl.


Keep the Candles Lit



Christian Williams, a media and lifestyles coach, goes by CWill Inspire online. He creates inspirational long form videos and discussions on various digital platforms about branding and building self-confidence. With this exclusive lesson on self-transformation, Christian discusses one of the life shaping traumas he shared with neighbors in Mattapan.

When I examined all the crap indubitably associated with my body, I did not feel like the ghost of Tutankhamen. I felt like a person who was creepily alive, still, and justly accused of petty crimes.
— Kurt Vonnegut


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